Nature is the Best Catalyst

A student in Al’s nature classes once told him that if he had not been able to participate in a waterfall adventure, then something would be missing in his life. Sitting on a rock by the river, listening to the wind and seeing shapes in the clouds all seem to have a stress-relieving effect.

Walk Your Path Well’s adventures are designed to stimulate the brain and promote physical strength. By engaging in many different activities over the course of a journey, a child’s development is strengthened. Adventurers develop concentration in nature awareness games, critical thinking skills on river obstacle courses, peace of mind from being in nature, patience while fishing, cooperation during shelter-building, memory in tree/plant identification, and strength and coordination in hiking.

Even though some of the properties and camps that we rent out for our use have a religious orientation, Walk Your Path Well does not. We welcome campers from all walks of life and all religions.  We believe and try and uphold the basic moral and ethical ideas that guide people to make kind, positive choices.  We want all our campers to walk their own individual paths well.

Each Walk Your Path Well adventure provides a chance for the student to challenge themselves physically and deepen their awareness of the outdoors. At the same time our counselors and guides are trained to look after each campers Safety, Quality, Harmony in every activity that we do. This means that through constant awareness our directors and staff  we improve the caliber of instruction by focusing on present safety issues, the quality of the teaching from campers and counselors, and the harmony of the group. This approach leads to more time having fun in a safe and welcoming environment.

 Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

our approach to camp

All Outdoors, All Play, All Day!