Counselors in Training

Walk Your Path Well offers leadership opportunities for former participants in the program. Walk Your Path Well counselors in training assist with program activities, skill building, and games. As a counselor in training, you will gain invaluable experience in teaching and interpersonal skills.

Counselors in training apply through the registration form provided and are contacted by the director if they have been accepted into the program.

Walk Your Path Well offers three levels of leadership opportunities. Depending on the age, level of experience, and availability, the director will select the program dates which work best for each participant.

cit application
cit application

CIT Levels

Dragon Apprentice Level 1
Beginning Counselor in Training
At the beginner level, participants pay a small fee ($50/week).  They will train with a lead counselor/guide who will show them how to serve as a role model for the program.  They will begin to assist with songs, stories and games, hikes, and program activities.  The experience of being a counselor in training involves reflection on what it means to be a leader, and an introduction to the art of teaching.
Dragon Apprentice Level 2
Intermediate Counselor in Training
At the intermediate level, participants are considered volunteers with Walk Your Path Well. They will be selected for Level 2 responsibilities after having experience as a beginning counselor in training. These volunteers will demonstrate a deeper understanding of the responsibility of being a role model. They will share elements of the camp culture and help to motivate younger participants. Because of their knowledge of the program, they will begin to show initiative within activities and find their unique skills contributing to the program.
Dragon Apprentice Level 3
Experienced Counselor in Training
At the advanced level, participants are given a stipend ($50/week) and are considered staff members. They are experienced as participants and volunteers and look for ways to encourage both the younger students and their peers. They may facilitate activities with groups of younger participants independently.  They come up with ideas for activities that they would like to lead and help to develop the structure to put these ideas in place. They work to help all participants get the most out of their camp experience. At the end of their training, they will have experience in teaching and working as a member of a team, and will develop responsibility and empathy as a staff member with Walk Your Path Well. 
Dragon Apprentice Level 4
Jr. Counselor in Training
Only one Apprentice Level 4 will be accepted per week of camp. Participants are given a $75 a day stipend and are considered staff members. During the course of the week the Jr. Counselor in Training would be paired with the lead instructor and assist the instructor throughout the day. This is the final step before being hired as a Junior Counselor.
CIT Application