Our Director

Al Whitted

“Nature Al” Whitted created the Walk Your Path Well program, combining his passion for the outdoors and his love for teaching. The program developed through his experiences as a teacher, a camp counselor, and as a long-distance hiker.

Al has hiked the Appalachian Trail, lived all across the United States, and has studied with some of the most prominent and skilled survivalists and naturalists in the country. For 9 years he has been the Director/Owner of Walk Your Path Well Adventures, which he runs with the help of his wife Megan, the Program Administrator.

If you have any questions or concerns about the program he is always more than happy to help. You can reach him through the Contact Us page, or by using the information provided at the top of the screen.

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What Else is There to Know?

The Younger Years
As a kid, Al loved being outside, playing games with friends in the Duke Forest and splashing in the neighborhood pool. He and his best friend vowed that when they grew up, they would each build a cabin and live in the mountains. At Elon University, he delved into Environmental Studies and Eastern Philosophy. His studies focused on the work of Henry David Thoreau and Wendell Berry.
The Appalachian Trail
Upon his graduation, Al hiked over 1,700 miles on the Appalachian Trail, beginning his path as a naturalist, studying plants, astronomy, birds along the way. After his journey, Al participated in a nine-month apprenticeship, studying the medicinal and edible properties of plants and trees.
Teaching Experience
Al has taught in a variety of different settings and environments. He started his love of camps by working for Camp Riverlea as a counselor in college. After the trail he finally moved into his cabin and began teaching canoeing, hiking, and nature skills at Camp Thunderbird for 5-18 year olds. After receiving a certification from Tom Brown’s Wilderness School, Al became the lead nature counselor at Camp Riverlea, and created a skills program for children around shelter, water, fire, food, awareness, and philosophy. Later, he returned to Tom Brown’s school as a volunteer instructor. Al eventually felt the call of the Wild West and moved to California to start a young naturalist course for an after school program that met in a large Navajo teepee to begin their classes.

Al eventually moved back East and has taught science, social studies, and math at Woodlawn Middle School, emphasizing environmental science in his classroom, and conducting nature walks. He and his wife Megan worked as the Program Directors at Camp Riverlea, a summer camp for children in northern Durham County, before beginning Walk Your Path Well.

Current Loves
Al now lives in Hillsborough, NC with his wife Megan. When he’s not on the trail, he and his two boys, Benny and Luke may be found in the back yard, jumping on the trampoline, riding bikes, and creating adventures together. There is nothing Al loves more than stopping in for a round of the Dragon Game or teaching a young camper a new wild edible.